Dear Politicians:

Watch out for me!

I'm THINKING ! of running for Mayor of our fine city of Topeka KS in April 2005.
OK .. I'll most assurradly not win and that's my goal.
I plan on running for eMayor and my negative campaign will be NOT wanting to be elected.

So you all might ask me, why do you want to run for Mayor if you don't want to be elected?
That's a fair question and I'll try to answer it.

Sal & I have four businesses going through our website.
I for one would like to make our businesses work, don't we all?
You see, I'm a "blogger" and I like to write. Why not write articles on the Internet?
My eMayor ideas are ready to take hold too, I might add.

I ran for appointed Mayor last Dec 2003 and I made the front page of our local paper. So the folks here know me, I guess that good.


I plan on running as the least qualified candidate.

I'm writing this on a Sunday night on 10/31/2004
ALL bets are off if my beloved Sally says you're not accepting the Mayor's job, even if I were elected.

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The following web sites are my source of information, including my own web pages created.
If I feel the need, I'll make certain web pages password protected.


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