So many deaths .. so little time.  It’s time to make a web page for past and present people in my short life.  So I’m using Microsoft word web format to eliminate the html coding.  I think I’ll organize my obits by various folders.  This will be a major undertaking!


FAMILY: (only relatives I have known)


Adolph Holter – My Father

Norman Holter – My paternal uncle

Lewis Holter – My paternal uncle

Matilda (Holter) Anderson – My paternal aunt

Audrey (Bergh) Iverson – My maternal aunt

Bob Garner -  Pat (Corry) Garner’s husband

Ted Corry – Sally’s father

Jerry (Brown) Corry – Sally’s mother

Pat (Corry) Garner – Sally’s sister

Pat (Green) Corry – Sally’s brother’s 1st wife



FRIENDS: (only friends I have known)


Keith Loomis Keith was my childhood friend who got killed at a young age.

<li><a href =>Herb Hemmila</a><I> – Herb was a member of OSLC</I></li>

Stan Karst – Stan used to sing in our choir here in Topeka KS

Duane Swanson – Duane was a member of OSLC

Brian Sober – Lloyd & Paulette Sober’s son









Osama Bin Laden - #1 International terrorist hiding somewhere – (911 terrorist leader)

Saddem Hussein – Iraqi President






Myron Holter


OK, I’m not dead yet.  But in my convoluted mind, I’ve written many a obituary and downloaded them somewhere on the web.  I’ll attempt to put them all in one web page so those who want, can read them off at my funeral.  Some are pretty interesting, some not so interesting.  I’ve used the web for just about every site I can think of.  So, bear with me and I’ll try to pool all my obituaries in one page.


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